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Address : Route de la Marana, Furiani


Pietra: Amber beer brewed with chestnut flour. Pietra Bionda: Premium lager beer brewed using chestnut flour. Colomba: Unfiltered white beer flavoured with herbs of the Corsican maquis. Serena: 100% pure malt lager beer. Corsica Cola: the cola of Corsica Limunata Carina: Lemonade made with pure cane sugar, with the flavour of natural lemons. A new company, the Brasserie Pietra opened its doors in 1996. The first brewery in the history of Corsica, Brasserie Pietra respects traditional brewing methods and rigorously selects the best ingredients in order to produce very high quality beers: the famous PIETRA, beer made using Corsican chestnut flour, PIETRA BIONDA, a light and refreshing lager beer, COLOMBA, white beer with maquis herbs, and PIETRA ROSSA, with red fruits. Brasserie Pietra also makes CORSICA COLA. The brewery is open to the public in July and August, from Monday to Friday, from 9h30 to 12 h and from 14h to 17 h 30. For the rest of the year, groups are welcome by appointment.

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